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Berks County Dog Training Club Member Matches are held the second Thursday of every month. The cost for members is $1 per entry. Handlers and dogs may enter to compete or for exhibition only (FEO). Mixed breed dogs are eligible.

Reminder to participants: Please steward for the 2 dogs following you in the ring.

Note to Judges: Prior to judging your class, you may show only one entry.  Additional entries may be shown after you have finished judging.

Annual Prizes!
The club gives out annual Member Match awards at the February Awards Banquet for qualifiers in Pre-Novice and Novice. In order to qualify, you must have shown your dog in at least five matches during the previous calendar year. Your top three scores are averaged and prizes are awarded for First through Fourth places.

As approved 2015

Ground Rules
1. All dogs not in the ring must be leashed, crated, or in a car.
2. Dogs will not be allowed in the rings until they are judged. When a ring is finished, normal training may be allowed with the approval of the Member Match Committee.
3. All handlers will be responsible for the conduct of their dogs at all times.
4. Handlers will clean up after their dogs and properly dispose of all refuse.
5. The Member Match Committee will select at least four judges,if available. Sites, match dates and the time will appear in the newsletter. May and September matches are to be held a half hour earlier @ 6:00.
6. Entries will be taken 15 minutes before the match starts and until 45 minutes after it begins.
7. The purpose of our Match Shows is to simulate actual AKC Obedience Trials, in order to give the dog and handler experience under those conditions. Unlike an actual trial, corrections are permitted and encouraged.
8. Infractions of the ground rules will be reported to the Board of Directors.
9. The Member Match Committee reserves the right to cancel a match in the event of extreme weather.
10. Member Match rules are to be printed in the newsletter yearly.
11. There will be 4 rings(1 for each class).
12. Member Match is not considered training. It is not part of the training program.
13. Associate members may show at an unlimited amount of matches. Non-training members are eligible for prizes at matches but not year end awards.

Match Rules
1. Both purebred and mixed breeds may compete. Members will be eligible to compete for monthly and year end awards in Beginner Novice A and Novice A only. Beginner Novice A and Novice A are for competition. All other classes are F.E.O
2. Non training members may show at Member Matches. They are eligible for awards and trophies at individual matches, but not eligible for year end awards.
3. Non members may participate in the Member Matches F.E.O. They are ineligible for awards and trophies. Non members may show in 2 Member Matches, then they must either join the club or stop showing in Member Matches.
4. F.E.O.- means For Exhibition Only. A dog is entered F.E.O. in a class when they are not ready to show in that class, when the handler intends to give additional signals, or when the dog has already earned the degree in that class. Dogs that are entered F.E.O. do not get a score unless asked for by handler. When using a prong collar, food or any training aid, you must show F.E.O.
5. There will be one judge assigned to each of the classes if possible, except Graduate Novice. The first available ,qualified and willing judge shall judge Graduate Novice. Judges may show one entry before they begin judging. Any subsequent entries must be shown after they finish judging their class.
6. There will be a trophy given for first place in Beginner Novice A and Novice A. There must be two or more dogs showing in a class to receive a trophy. There will also be ribbons awarded for the four highest qualifying scores in Novice A. Also four ribbons to the four highest scores in Beginner Novice A.
7. Once a third leg is earned, you may continue to show in the "A" classes for sixty days. After that time dog and handler must enter the "B" class. After completion of title, a dog may continue to show in Novice B until a qualifying score in open A is earned. A dog may continue to show in Open B and Utility B indefinitely. This rule is effective for third legs obtained in any recognized registry (AKC,UKC,AMBOR, ect.) Handlers are requested to inform the committee in a timely fashion upon completion of a degree. Failure to do so may result in ineligibility for that calendar years awards. Also you may show in Beginner Novice A for sixty days after a title is earned. After that you move to Beginner Novice B until a qualifying score in Novice A is earned.
8. Due to time constraints at our matches, the only instance where an individual dog may show in more than one class is in Open B and Utility A or B.
9. There is no age limit to participate in Member Match.

The classes will be:
Beginner Novice A: If you have never earned an obedience title on a dog you may compete in Beginner Novice A. Only your first dog may compete in this class. Your second or subsequent dog may not compete for awards.
Beginner Novice B: This class is for any handler who earned a Beginner Novice A or any other obedience titles.
Novice A: This class is for a handler who has NOT obtained a CD on any dog. A handler may compete with more than one dog until one dog has earned a CD, then the second or subsequent dog must compete in Novice B.
Novice B: This class is for anyone who earned a CD on a dog.
Graduate Novice: This class is for a dog that has NOT earned a CDX.
Open A: This class is for a dog that has NOT earned a CDX.
Open B: This class is for a dog that has earned a CDX. A dog may show in this class indefinitely.
Utility A: This class is for a dog that has NOT earned a UD.
Utility B: This class is for a dog that has earned a UD. A dog may show in this class indefinitely.

Yearly Trophy Rules
1. Yearly trophies will be awarded at the Annual Awards Banquet.
2. Dogs must show in a minimum of four shows a year to be eligible for any yearly trophy. If a dog leaves for any reason before group exercises, they are not given credit for showing in the match.It is not necessary for the dog to show in the same class for the five shows. 3. An average of the three highest qualifying scores within a class will determine a dog's yearly average for that class. Trophies will be awarded to the four highest averages in Beginner Novice A & Novice A. Qualifying scores are required for all yearly trophies. No dog may receive a trophy in both Beginner Novice A and Novice A. In these cases the class which the highest placement occurs will be awarded.
4. No dog and handler shall be eligible to receive the same class trophy more than two years in succession. A handler may continue to show indefinitely in one class with the understanding that they are ineligible for monthly or yearly class awards ( as specified in the Member Match Rules #1). The handler, however may receive the same trophy with another dog.
5. The match show chairman shall be responsible for compiling the scores to determine awards and will keep a record of yearly awards presented for two (2) preceding years to assure accuracy in awarding trophies.


Member Match

Setup begins at 5:30, sign-in is 6:15 to 7:15 when indoors. See Pup Stuff for outdoor schedule.

Want to know what you are being judged on in the Member Match ring?

Click here for the Beginner Novice sheet 

Click here for the Novice sheet.

These are large files and may take a while to load.

For judging sheets for other classes, please click here to visit the American Kennel Club's website.


The Berks County Dog Training Club was founded in 1946 as a not-for-profit organization with the purpose of training you to train your dog. To this day we continue with that same purpose. Through the years we have grown to a membership of several hundred people. We are a very active group with many dedicated volunteers who would welcome the opportunity to "train you to train your dog."
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