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Household Manners Class
for dogs with special needs

     The Berks County Dog Training Club is proud to offer a program
designed for dogs who have not gotten off to a good start. The class
is designed as a preparation for obedience classes as well as life.
     Your dog will learn to get along with others, walk on a leash, sit,
and come as well as “leave it” and the application of these skills to your dog’s problems.
   Other issues that will be addressed: housebreaking, chewing, mouthing,
jumping up, food bowl aggression, place and toy guarding, plus more.
This is not a class for dogs who have a history of causing dogs or
people to seek medical help for a bite.
     One of the best things you can do for your dog is to train him or her
as soon as possible. It is never too late to start. Learning how to be
the leader your dog needs is the first, important step.

2016 Household Manners Class

.Orientation date for the next Household Manners Class will be April 19, 2016.

The class is held outdoors on the grounds of the Liberty Fire Company in Sinking Spring on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. in the spring and summer.

Cost is $35 for members and $140 for non-members.

For non-members, your $140 includes the option to take the 8-week BCDTC basic skills class and club membership for the whole year.

Fill out and return this form today.


The Berks County Dog Training Club was founded in 1946 as a not-for-profit organization with the purpose of training you to train your dog. To this day we continue with that same purpose. Through the years we have grown to a membership of several hundred people. We are a very active group with many dedicated volunteers who would welcome the opportunity to "train you to train your dog."
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